Online Auction

Thank you to everyone who participated in Kittelson Charitable Foundation’s 2018 auction! You can learn more about the auction here, and please check back in for details on the 2019 auction!

To get to the auction web page from here, click on this link:

The items and services that are available through this auction site make great Christmas gifts, family vacations, and much more.

The main purpose of this auction is to raise funds to support the continuing education of students at the Primary, Secondary, and University levels who wouldn’t be able to attend school otherwise. At the same time, it’s been designed to be a fun event that encourages a lot of interaction, chatter, and good-natured competitiveness among all the participants. It’s important to note that all the items and services have been donated so every cent generated by the auction will go directly toward student-related educational expenses. In other words, nothing is taken out for administrative or other expenses not directly related to student needs.

The auction is an entertaining event with an important purpose and the ultimate outcome of positively changing the lives of many young people. These young people have all the drive and commitment you could ask for and they are more than willing to invest the hard work that’s needed for success; they just need a little outside support in order to make things happen. We hope you’ll join us in this fun event and for this great cause.

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