Each year, the Kittelson Charitable Foundation sponsors numerous events. The purpose of these events is to raise awareness about the yearning desire that so many children from the village of Ngarama must go to school. The events also raise awareness about the opportunity that exists to change young lives in a very significant and positive way. And last but not least, the events become great forums for generating the financial support that is needed to ensure that our sponsored students can continue with their education.

Currently, three major events are sponsored by Kittelson Charitable Foundation each year:

  • The Kittelson Charitable Foundation Online Auction begins every year on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) and continues for 10 days thereafter. It’s designed to be a fun event with a lot of opportunities for interaction among the participants.
  • The Kittelson Charitable Foundation Gala Event is held every Fall and features a benefit concert by artists of national and international prominence. It aims to bring significant and entertaining cultural opportunities to the broad community as a way of introducing the Foundation’s mission and accomplishments.
  • The Kittelson Charitable Foundation Rwanda Tour occurs in late summer/early fall each year. It typically extends for about 10 days and is an opportunity for anyone who’s interested to meet the students and their families, to tour the schools our students attend and talk with their teachers, and to experience sub-Sahara Africa while learning about the culture and history of Rwanda.