Fabrice Shyaka

Fabrice is the youngest boy in a family of 9 siblings (3 brothers and 5 sisters). He was 11 years old when KCF began sponsoring his education in 2008. Before being sponsored, it was common for him to be kicked out of school because he wasn’t able to pay the fees. They would have all students who had not paid, stand up and go home. For his, this was a traumatic event being a primary school student, and he would be crying by the time he got home. Fabrice would sometimes have to stay home for up to a week before his parents could get together enough money to pay at least part of his tuition. Then they would go to school with him to try and use the partial payment to get him back into school.

For his parents to get the money for his tuition they would cut down on what they ate and how often they ate. So, for example, they would have only one meal a day (dinner) and every other day that single meal would just consist of corn flour mixed with water.

The house they lived in was structurally unsound. Once KCF began sponsoring Fabrice, it had changed everything for him. With KCF paying his full tuition at the beginning of each term, Fabrice was able to concentrate on his school work and the teachers would even pay more attention to him because they knew he would be there for the full term.

By being able to attend school, he moved from ranking in the middle of his class to placing first in his class three times. His family didn’t have to worry about paying for Fabrice’s tuition, and was able to feed his family better and more regularly at home. KCF also reconstructed their home, and it is now safe and secure for everyone to live in.

Fabrice enjoyed doing math and science, and he knew KCF was associated with a transportation engineering company, so by S3 (9th grade) he began focusing on engineering as a career path.

Quotes from Fabrice himself:

“Before I didn’t have time to think about what I would become because I was thinking about what I might eat tomorrow.”

“KCF has built hope because now I know my present situation is not my final destination- the best is still coming.”

“KCF always surprises me with good and they are teaching me how to search for it on my own.”