Christine Nakyanzi

Christine is a strong success story for KCF. She grew up in Uganda, where her family had moved to find refuge from the Rwandan wars and genocides. She is the oldest in her family of 5 children.

KCF began sponsoring Christine in 2010 during her college education at Kigali Independent University. She graduated in 2014 near the top of her class. She is now a manager and entrepreneur and is currently managing two family markets in Kigali as well as a bread- making factory. Together these operations employ more than 50 people. She has also began her own chicken farming operation and is in the process of starting a fruit growing/ production operation as well.

Quotes from Christine herself:

“I will not stop thanking you for the good foundation you have laid for us.”

“My dream is reached.”

“I promise to become someone who will also help the young ones share the love that KCF showered us with.”

“Without KCF I wouldn’t be happy today because I attained my degree and that makes me proud because many out here don’t make it to the University.”